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Claims Assistance is an established insurance claims consultancy business that has been helping people get their lives back on track after a TPD or Disability claim since 2006.

Dealing with Claims Assistance vs dealing with a solicitor

There is an increasing trend for solicitors and lawyers to offer their services for trauma and TPD (total permanent disability) insurance claims.


The question is why seek our help instead of a law firm?

As we work in the insurance industry we have strong relationships with insurance companies. We know intimately the insurance products a person seeks to claim against (so we don’t charge time to learn the intricacies of a specific policy). We understand insurance underwriting so we are aware of what information is required and our staff have also worked within the claims departments of several insurers, so we understand the processes. We are confident in knowing what needs to be provided and when something is able too be questioned. We can also pre-empt an issue and seek the information that is required in order to speed up the process.

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The cost of our service is much more affordable than a solicitor.

When an insurer does not meet their obligation under the policy then their decision can be disputed. There are several approaches available before litigation can be considered. This includes internal review, seeking assistance with the Ombudsman AFCA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority) and mediation.

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Serious Injury Insurance Claims Assistance
Based in Sydney, helping all of Australia

When things go wrong, you need help to make them right again. If you are sick or injured, the last thing you want to do is work through a myriad of documents that insurance companies require you to complete. You would rather focus on your recovery. Or you might have an issue and are not sure it you’re covered by your insurance policy and can claim on it – or worst, you may have had a claim denied and would like it reviewed. Whatever your personal circumstance, if you’re struggling with a total and permanent disability or trauma insurance claim and need a prompt resolution, Claims Assistance can help.

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TPD Cover and Trauma Insurance Claims Assistance

Claims Assistance helps Australians struggling with complex or urgent insurance claims. We specialise in difficult cases such as Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD) claims, severe Trauma claims and also assist with Death claims. We help claimants and their loved ones with paperwork and documentation, assist with understanding the policy benefits, liaise with accountants, doctors and other medical professionals, and deal with their insurance company (companies) on their behalf if need be. We understand exactly what each insurer needs to properly assess your claim and we are experts in presenting information to insurers to obtain a quick and successful claim resolution.

We don’t litigate and we don’t take an adversarial approach.

We rely on our industry knowledge, processing skills, and strong relationships with insurers to make sure your claim is paid.

We help you with your insurance claim so you can focus on your health

Claims Assistance lets you concentrate on your health whilst we help you with your claim. ​We don’t litigate and we don’t take an adversarial approach. We rely on our industry knowledge, processing skills, and strong relationships with insurers to make sure your claim is paid.

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Claims Assistance is here to help. We change people’s lives.

Contact us or call us on: (02) 9388 9199

Claims Assistance is here to help. We change people’s lives.

Contact us or call us on: (02) 9388 9199

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Serious Illness Insurance Claims Assistance for Australians

Claims Assistance has helped many Australians from all walks of life with their Total Personal Disability and Trauma insurance claims. To get clarity on what your coverage entitles you and, most importantly, to claim on your insurance policy’s benefits, trust our team. We’re here to help.

When you’re in a bad way, it can be a relief to get some help in getting your insurance claimed assessed and processed. Scroll down to read more about how our total disability and trauma insurance claims process works and the conditions we’ve successfully claimed for.

Claiming for TPD, Trauma, Critical Illness Insurance in Australia

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How Insurance Claims Assistance Works

Initial discussion

We schedule an initial discussion where we spend the time to understand your health issues, find out about your history and learn how your life is effected.

We then help you understand the claims process, timings, costs and what you can expect when dealing with your insurance company or companies.

Preparing your insurance claim

We work with you to prepare your insurance claims. We assist in gathering the information required by the insurance company. We liaise with your insurer(s) to determine what extra information they might need. We take extra time during the preparation process to save time during the assessment process.

We know what insurers need to properly assess your insurance claim. We make sure we gather as much information up front as possible to cut down on decision time.

We'll follow up to make sure your claim is processed quickly, so you can focus on your health.


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I have been a customer of Greg and would recommend him for his services in personal insurance.  He has worked hard as the intermediary with my insurance company and has come up with an excellent result given the circumstances of my situation. It is most unlikely I would have had this outcome without his assistance.

James, Doctor